Technocom Systems

Supplier of Networking Products

We are providing all types of networking products,starting from Cables,Racks,IOs,Patch Panner,Patch Cords,Switches (Unmanaged,managed),Routers,Wireless access points,UTM,Firewall,VPN solutions,Cloud Computing solutions.





Supplier of GBIC Modules,Router Cables

We are providing all types of GBIC modules,fiber modules,Router cables,V.35 cable,Router RAMs,OEM router accessories,Video Cards.KVM,KVM cables

GBIC modules supplier


Passive Products

we are dealing in D-Link,Tyco,Systimx brands for structer cabling(CAT-5,CAT-6).
Information outlets,Patch Cords,Mounting cords,Server Racks,Network Racks,Rack accessories,Patch Panel,Media Converters,Fiber to UTP converter.





Media Converters media converter mumbai




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Active Products

We provide various types Switches,Routers,UTM boxes,SSL VPN Box,
Load Balancers